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This Week: Katrina Labor
This Week
November 18, 2005

This week on NOW:

Thousands of immigrant workers are being lured into New Orleans to help rebuild the city after Hurricane Katrina. But are corporations shutting out the local workforce and boosting profits by hiring these workers with low pay, no benefits, and awful working conditions? NOW Senior Correspondent Maria Hinojosa looks at who's benefiting from the reconstruction along the Gulf Coast, and how the Bush Administration's post-Katrina polices might have encouraged the exploitation of workers.

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This week, the Senate voted overwhelmingly for an amendment that called for the White House to give progress reports on the Iraq war. What does that vote, as well as the on-going CIA leak investigation, mean for the Bush Administration? "There's no question this President and this presidency is weakened," says John Dean, who served as counsel to Richard Nixon thirty years ago.

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Labor Poster

Labor, Laws and Immigrants in the Delta South

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John Dean

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John Dean


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Labor Pains (16:51)

John Dean (5:42)


Labor Pains
Producer: William Brangham
Senior Correspondent: Maria Hinojosa
Editor: Larry Goldfine

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