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This Week: A Question of Fairness
This Week
November 21, 2003

This week on NOW:

NOW traces the roots of the growing economic inequality in the U.S. and illustrates the sometimes forgotten human toll of government policies that favor corporations over individuals through three compelling stories.

First, NOW examines NAFTA’s role in the impending extinction of a cherished American way of life in the story of a once-thriving Pennsylvania mill town and the hardworking residents plunged into the desperate ranks of the working poor in Winners and Losers.

Then, NOW reports on the tangible human costs of financial deregulation laws passed in the late 1990s by corporate-friendly politicians and the WorldCom collapse that stole the future away from so many individual investors in Rewriting the Rules.

Finally, NOW tells the tale of the best intentions derailed by corporate greed in a profile of a Republican governor’s thwarted bid to reform the nation's most regressive tax system and level the playing field for Alabama’s poor in Tax Justice.

In Depth

Hand shake

WorldCom: Where Are They Now?

NAFTA and Job Migration

Timeline of the Securities and Exchange Commission

Economist Robert Pollin

Statue of Liberty
Employment Resource Map

Sara Lee Responds to "Winners and Losers"


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A Question of Fairness
Producer: Peter Bull
Field Producer: Carol Atencio
Editor: Rob Kuhns

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