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This Week: Media and Democracy
This Week
November 28, 2003

This week on NOW:

Bill Moyers sits down with Jim Bouton, former Major League Baseball pitcher and author. Bouton, who turned Major League Baseball inside out with his best-selling book BALL FOUR, tells Bill Moyers about the influence of Big Media on his crusade to save a historic baseball park in Massachusetts. Bouton’s adversary is the formerly family-owned local newspaper — now part of a corporate media empire based in Colorado — that wants to keep opposing voices silent so a new park can be built on land it owns. His latest book, FOUL BALL: MY LIFE AND OLD TIMES TRYING TO SAVE AN OLD BALLPARK, chronicles his battle in a no-nonsense investigative report that goes to the heart of the media consolidation issue.

In recent years, the occurrence of polio has been reduced by 99%. Today, the world faces less than 500 new cases — down from an estimated 350,000 per year just 15 years ago. In America, every child is administered the vaccine, a commodity not so accessible throughout the rest the world. NOW takes viewers to what may be the final offensive against polio through the lens of critically acclaimed photographer Sebastiao Salgado. From the Democratic Republic of Congo to Somalia to India, Salgado’s unflinching eye captures the poignant human story behind the world’s conquest of a deadly disease.

Bill Moyers talks to John Leonard, media critic for CBS SUNDAY MORNING and NEW YORK MAGAZINE. After a long career as a literary and television critic and social observer, Leonard gives viewers an inside look at how media consolidation and the quest for profits have become a priority over the journalist’s independence. Leonard delivers a frank review of the state of the media and how it has affected his work as a critic.

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John Leonard, Media Critic

Former baseball pitcher Jim Bouton on FOUL BALL

Big Media: Overview

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Photo Essay: The End of Polio by Sebastião Salgado

Moyers on Media and Democracy


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Introduction to Jim Bouton interview (2:27)

Bill Moyers interviews Jim Bouton (18:23)

The End of Polio (4:30)

Bill Moyers talks to John Leonard (18:50)

NOW What? (2:40)

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