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November 29, 2002

This week on NOW:

Last month, Julie Taymor joined Bill Moyers in studio on the eve of the debut of her new film FRIDA, about the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. This week NOW airs a longer excerpt from that conversation featuring a discussion of the role of divine inspiration and creativity in art. Drawing inspiration from Indonesian theatre, art and culture, Taymor has come to view art as an intrinsic part of life. She questions our marginalization of art, "Now, why would it be arts and leisure? Why do we think that arts are leisure? Why isn't it arts and science or arts and the most important thing in your life?"

When Bill Moyers interviewed Gregory Nava (EL NORTE, AMERICAN FAMILY), Nava revealed that pre-Colombian myths were the impetus for his career as a storyteller and filmmaker. This previously un-aired conversation touches on the stories that have inspired Nava and the myths and instincts that drive us all. Nava describes his discovery of and connection to this pre-Colombian mythology, "It caused a deep trembling in my heart. It's like an awakening within me of something, because suddenly what I was, who I was, got interconnected with everybody else and everything."

Native American writer Sherman Alexie grew up on the Spokane reservation in Washington State. In addition to his novels, short stories, and poems, he's also turned his work into acclaimed movies, including SMOKE SIGNALS and his latest, THE BUSINESS OF FANCY DANCING, which he also directed. But such prolific inspiration doesn't come easily. To the contrary, Sherman Alexie has to go looking for it...out in the streets, and deep into his memories. In fact it keeps him awake at night. NOW follows Alexie on a nocturnal journey through the streets of Seattle.

In Depth

Frida Kahlo

Bill Moyers talks to Julie Taymor about her latest project, FRIDA, as well as inspiration, creativity, and culture.

Take a quiz on women in the arts.

Sherman Alexie
Searching for inspiration has writer Sherman Alexie sleepless in Seattle.

Drama mask
Bill Moyers interviews filmmaker Gregory Nava about how mythology and ancient stories have inspired his work.

Poetry book cover
Test your knowledge of world mythology.


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Up All Night
Producer: Rick Field

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