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This Week: Evolution
This Week
December 3, 2004

This week on NOW:

As New York’s chief law enforcement officer, Eliot Spitzer has taken on the titans of Wall Street to get a fair deal for Main Street. His far-reaching investigations have uncovered fraudulent practices in some of the nation's biggest companies and helped restore transparency and honesty to industries that provide important products and services to regular Americans—mutual funds, prescription drugs, insurance. David Brancaccio goes inside the mind, motivations and investigations of one of the nation's most feared and respected attorneys general, the man they call "the sheriff of Wall Street." "The market…must be maintained and supported by rules of law," says Spitzer. "When we see criminal wrong doing that cuts to the core and is central to the way business is being done, I feel that we've got an obligation to address the larger issue."

Richard Dawkins is one of the most controversial thinkers in the world today. His book THE SELFISH GENE describes in stunning detail a world where the mission for all life is nothing more than to replicate itself. Just as the long-simmering battle over how evolution is taught in America's schools is heating up again, Dawkins' most recent book, THE ANCESTOR'S TALE, sheds light on the most compelling aspects of evolutionary history and theory. Bill Moyers gets perspective from Dawkins, a prominent zoologist, on critical thinking and on the backlash against the very notion of evolution. "Among things that science does know, evolution is about as certain as anything," he says. "And…is accepted by responsible educated churchmen, as well as scientists." Richard Dawkins is the Charles Simonyi Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford and his other books include: THE EXTENDED PHENOTYPE and THE BLIND WATCHMAKER, for which he won the Royal Society of Literature Award and the LOS ANGELES TIMES Literary Prize.

In Depth

Eliot Spitzer

New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer

Reforming the Insurance Industry

State Insurance Bureaus Map

Charles Darwin

State Attorney General Map

Battle Over Evolution Timeline

Scientist Richard Dawkins

Montana's Rocky Mountain Front
Freedom of Religion Quiz

Photo Essay: The Rocky Mountain Front


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Top Cop (22:28)

Bill Moyers talks with Dr. Richard Dawkins (20:18)


Top Cop
Producer: William Brangham
Editors: Amanda Zinoman, Jeremy Cohen

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