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This Week: Soldiers in the trenches
This Week
December 5, 2003

This week on NOW:

At a time when more is being budgeted for U.S. defense than for education, transportation, the environment, and agriculture combined, NOW with Bill Moyers goes inside the labyrinthine workings of this iconic symbol of American military might. The encore presentation exposes how the Pentagon may be failing us during a crucial time for national security. NOW profiles Chuck Spinney, who left the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Program Analysis and Evaluation after working in the Pentagon for almost three decades. During his tenure Spinney repeatedly challenged military officials and lawmakers to make better use of the hundreds of billions of dollars in spending to secure a strong defense. Chuck Spinney is uniquely qualified to lead the way through what has been called the most complicated bureaucracy ever created.

Photographer Lori Grinker shares the indelible images of war. Taken aboard the USNS Comfort, a floating hospital that was stationed in the Gulf to treat coalition forces and injured Iraqis, her photos are a poignant and honest reminder of the deep human suffering of war. In her own words Grinker recounts the stories of her subjects, some of the more than 650 wounded that were treated aboard the ship and of the doctors and nurses who worked to salvage bodies and lives. Grinker says, "It's quite upsetting to see what the war machine does to these human beings. And that's what the pictures represent for me, the human cost of war."

In Depth

Chuck Spinney

Pentagon Insider Chuck Spinney Speaks Up

U.S. Defense Spending in Perspective

U.S. Military
Defense Spending State by State

Researching Defense Spending Online

Soldier at war
Accounting for Defense Spending

Lori Grinker's Photos of the U.S.S. Comfort


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