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December 6, 2002

This week on NOW:

Last week, President Bush appointed Henry Kissinger to head the commission to investigate what our government knew and didnít know, and what it did and didnít do, before the terror attacks on September 11th. Bill Moyers interviews Eugene Jarecki, director of THE TRIALS OF HENRY KISSINGER, a new film that has landed smack dab in the middle of the raging debate on whether Henry Kissinger can be counted on to tell the truth after a career filled with secrecy.

American newspapers, TV and radio stations answer to fewer and fewer corporate bosses. And now the last barriers to further consolidation may crumble, because there's a move afoot for a major rewrite of the rules that directly affect what you read, see and hear in the media. It's all taking place at the FCC, the Federal Communications Commission, and time is running out for the public to voice its concerns.

Al Maysles has filmed many famous people - from JFK to The Rolling Stones - but heís probably best known for making unforgettable movies about ordinary lives. By harnessing the first hand held documentary camera, he helped to pioneer a new more intimate kind of filmmaking that lets audiences peer into peopleís souls in a way that nobody had ever done before. Maysles visits NOW to talk about his craft and present a film he made just for NOW called BEFORE I LEAVE.

In Depth


Meet Al Maysles, one of the founders of direct cinema.

Ordinary girls
Watch clips of classics documentaries — plus a special NOW film.

Henry Kissinger
Take a look at THE TRIAL OF HENRY KISSINGER — and decide for yourself.

VIACOM Building
Bill Moyers Journal — The FCC and Big, Bigger, Biggest Media.


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Capturing the Stories of Ordinary People: Albert Maysles and Direct Cinema

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A film by Alex Gibney & Eugene Jarecki

Before I Leave...
Producers: Albert Maysles, Antonio Ferrera
Editor: Matthew Prinzing

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