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This Week: Lightbulb
This Week
December 9, 2005

This week on NOW:

Frances Moore Lappe, who is considered a leading thinker about the significance of individuals’ choices in improving the world, talks with David Brancaccio about redefining our democracy from something done to us to something done for us. "People are just building up their citizenship and saying, 'Yes, I can help create the power to make democracy come to life to serve us.'" Lappé is author or co-author of fourteen books, including the three-million-copy bestseller DIET FOR A SMALL PLANET, which awakened a whole generation to the human-made causes of hunger. Her latest book DEMOCRACY'S EDGE reframes democracy as a powerful tool. It reveals the hidden story of a living democracy emerging to meet the unprecedented challenges of our time.

Diane Wilson took on a giant chemical company and forced it to stop dumping chemicals along her beloved Gulf Coast, where she was a fourth-generation shrimp boat captain. David Brancaccio talks with the mother of five about her experience as a real-world example of how individual citizens can create change in a democracy. "I started out trying to go through the typical route, and I find out real quick that the regulatory process does not work," she says. Wilson chronicled the battle she took to the courts, to the gates of the chemical plant, and to the halls of government in the book AN UNREASONABLE WOMAN. Of her epic tale of nonviolent disobedience, direct action, and debilitating hunger strikes, the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE wrote: "This book does for environmentalism what ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN did for government reform."

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