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December 20, 2002

This week on NOW:

After 30 years of protecting the nation's water and being hailed as the most successful environmental law, is the Clean Water Act now in danger? We can thank the Clean Water Act for the quality of much of the water we drink. You will hear it said that the Clean Water Act is the country's most successful environmental law. But environmental protection is rapidly becoming an oxymoron in the new political order, and the Clean Water Act is on the hit list. In TROUBLED WATERS, NOW takes a look at the legacy of the Clean Water Act and the potential threats to it.

Bill Moyers interviews Christopher Hitchens, a journalist who surprised many people with his support of an American attack on Saddam Hussein.

Think your medical records are private? Dr. Marc Siegel offers his opinion on another big issue in health care these days — the privacy of patients' medical records. New regulations are supposed to safeguard your medical history in the Internet age, but Dr. Siegel has his own diagnosis of the matter.

Bill Moyers interviews acclaimed actor and veteran activist Ossie Davis on growing up during segregation, the Civil Rights movement, his thoughts on Trent Lott's recent remarks and the "moral assignment" of today's youth.

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Is the Clean Water Act in danger?

Why wetlands are worth saving

Supreme Court
Troubled Waters: A Supreme Court Case

Strom Thurmond
Meet the Dixiecrats

Christopher Hitchens makes the case FOR war


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You Be the Judge

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Troubled Waters
Producer: Peter Meryash
Correspondent: David Brancaccio Editor: Vincent Liota

A Matter of Privacy
Producer: Gregory Henry
Editor: Vincent Liota

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