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The Best of NOW 2008


Nurses Needed
An investigation into a critical, dangerous shortage of nurses in the U.S.
Women, Power and Politics
How have women in politics changed America and the world?
Afghanistan: The Forgotten War
Embedded with the Marines in Afghanistan: Can we defeat a resurgent Taliban?
India Rising
Will a booming worldwide middle class drive up consumer costs?
Credit and Credibility
Two high-level industry insiders reveal what was going on inside the Wall Street firms that once generated billions in profits.


Robert Kuttner on America's Economic Recovery
A leading progressive thinker, Robert Kuttner, challenges Obama with a controversial plan for economic recovery.
Admiral William J. Fallon on Iran
NOW speaks with Admiral William J. Fallon who resigned over disagreements with the Bush Administration's Middle East policy.
Drew Westen on Advice to Obama
Author Drew Westen says Obama has to do a better job of appealing to voters' emotions.
Amy Goodman on Her Arrest
The left-leaning journalist talks about her arrest at the Republican National Convention.
Bishop Harry Jackson on the Evangelical Vote
Are evangelicals ready to bolt from the Republican Party? Insight from Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr.


Anatomy of a Smear
Sorting Fact from Fiction in the 2008 Election Campaign
Finding Non-Toxic Toys
Information on what parents can do to limit their children's exposure to potentially harmful chemicals like phthalates.
Interactive Debate: Palin's Candidacy
Activist and author Gloria Feldt and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann debate the qualifications, character and treatment of Sarah Palin.
Advice to Generation Next
Notable women, including Tina Brown, Ashley Judd, and Maya Angelou share their thoughts on how women should gain and keep power.
Cartoon Caption Contest
Our collection of political cartoons and a new one just in time for the holidays.


India Rising (Winner, 2008)
Will a booming worldwide middle class drive up consumer costs?
Taxing the Poor (Winner, 2008)
Are taxes being levied fairly when it comes to the rich and the poor?
Mortgage Mess (Nominee, 2008)
An investigation into sleazy tactics of mortgage lenders.

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