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Transcript: Update Secret Government
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BILL MOYERS: Some of you will remember from your history books that our nation's capitol was built on a swamp along the Potomac River between Maryland and Virginia. Well, we've come full circle. Washington DC is now disappearing into a swamp of secrecy where the official view of reality reads like an Arthur Anderson audit.

Take the proposed Department of Homeland Security. A single sentence in the bill for the new department's creation calls for the Department alone to decide what information the public has a right to know. More ominously, truth-tellers within the department will not be protected if they blow the whistle on official incompetence or corruption. . .

And here's the last straw: the department will be exempted from the Freedom of Information Act, meaning everything can be flushed down the memory hole. It's all part of a pattern, a curtain falling on the public's right to know.

Homeland Security Bill, Section 204

"Information provided voluntarily by non-Federal entities or individuals that relates to infrastructure vulnerabilities or other vulnerabilities to terrorism and is or has been in the possession of the Department shall not be subject to section 552 of title 5, United States Code [the Freedom of Information Act]."

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