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wounded man in the West Bank
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Transcript: Marwan Zaloum Update
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Marwan Zaloum

BILL MOYERS: We have several updates on stories we've been covering for NOW. First, Marwan Zaloum, the Palestinian leader who trained human bombers for the Al Aqsa brigades. Last month, producer Bryan Rich interviewed Zaloum near the West Bank city of Hebron.

Marwan Zaloum told Bryan Rich he took responsibility for the training and deployment of suicide bombers.

ZALOUM: As a Palestinian fighter, I have played a role. My role, of course, given my experience, and this life I have lived…I was asked to be in a position of responsibility.

MOYERS: Zaloums's Al Aqsa Brigade has claimed responsibility for 7 bombings in the past 3 months…including this attack in a Jerusalem market carried out by Wafa Idris, the first woman suicide bomber.

ZALOUM: When Sharon was threatening to open the gates of hell we were convinced that if we did not own planes, nor tanks, nor missiles, we had one strategic weapon, and that is faith.

ZALOUM: We are obliged to use martyrdom operations. I told you, the gates of hell, we did not want to open them from the beginning. We say the martyrdom operation is a strategic weapon.

MOYERS: The deployment of these human bombers had landed Zaloum on Israel's most wanted list.

A list that has been getting shorter.

ZALOUM: I would like to tell you, without exaggeration, that perhaps I believe and I feel for the first time in my life that I am closer to gaining martyrdom, God permitting and closer, minute by minute, to God almighty.

MOYERS: This past Monday night, Zaloum and his bodyguard were killed on the streets of Hebron.

The car they were travelling in was obliterated by a missile launched from an Israeli helicopter.

In revenge for Zaloum's death, three Palestinians suspected of collaborating with the Israelis were dragged from their jail by fellow Palestinians and executed.

A mob of Palestinians, including children, soon gathered … spitting on the corpses.

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