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Early Praise for Your America | Excerpt | About the Authors | Book Tour Dates

Your America reveals the stories of 12 ordinary people who didn't wait for others to come up with answers to the problems that they were witnessing first-hand. Instead, they took action and made change happen themselves.

Like Bill Graham, mayor of tiny Scottsburg, Indiana, who took on the telecommunications giants and wired his town to provide Wi-Fi for all. Or Katie Redford, who, after witnessing human rights violations abroad, came up with a new legal approach to change the way U.S. companies conduct business internationally. Or Lucas Benitez, who rose up to create an alliance of workers and consumers that forced fast food giants McDonalds and Taco Bell to change their ways.

Graham, Redford, Benitez and the rest of the inspiring subjects of Your America teach us that we all have the power to transform our communities from the ground up.

Early Praise for Your America

"People look at the wreckage in the world and ask, "What can I do?" Here are some answers by people who didn't wait for others to answer it. You will not read their stories without being inspired to act—and that's the beginning of hope for democracy."

- Bill Moyers, journalist and host of Bill Moyers Journal on PBS

"Your America is a wonderful tonic for cynicism and despair. It brims with real life heroes, from scholars to barbers to bureaucrats to businesspeople, who remind us that one determined person can begin to turn the world."

- Scott Simon, journalist and host of Weekend Edition Saturday on NPR

"NOW is a welcome and nutritious addition to the rich menu of choices available on PBS. And, equally important, it is fearless about challenging conventional wisdom, a too rare quality these days."

- Tom Brokaw, journalist and former anchor for NBC Nightly News

"Most of the featured individuals ... are ordinary citizens, and their abilities to devise creative solutions to serious problems and persevere against vastly influential antagonistic interests will inspire and embolden all readers."

From Publisher's Weekly

"To each participant Siceloff and Maloney posed the question, 'How do you get started if you want to make a difference in America?' The responses are open, honest, inspiring, and even heartbreaking testimonials that cover a range of social issues across the political, social, and economic spectrum."

From Library Journal

"The writing in Your America is straightforward and has a simple, almost broadcast style that makes for a quick but thoughtful read."

From Roll Call [pdf]


How do you get started if you want to make a difference in America? That's the question we asked each of the people profiled in Your America.

What's fascinating is what we didn't hear. These folks didn't get their start working for political parties. Their credentials weren't burnished in think tanks - progressive, conservative or libertarian. They weren't on the payroll of advocacy groups. They didn't become grassroots activists because somebody paid them or trained them to do it.

These people began working for change in their communities because they cared passionately about an issue close to their lives. Something wasn't working, and they wanted to fix it. They became involved.

» Read more from Your America (pdf)

About the Authors

John Siceloff John Siceloff has been executive producer of NOW on PBS since its launch in 2002. His work for PBS, ABC, NBC and CBS has received the DuPont Award, Peabody Award, and four Emmy Awards. His writing has appeared in the Washington Post. He lives in New York, NY.

Jason Maloney Jason Maloney is a news and documentary producer. His work includes reports for NOW on PBS and PBS's NewsHour. He was most recently the editorial producer of "Nuclear Jihad", a documentary on the AQ Kahn network, which won the DuPont Award. He lives in New York City.

Book Tour Dates

Tuesday, November 18
Washington, DC

John Siceloff will appear with government whistleblower Bunnatine Greenhouse, who was featured in Your America, at:

The National Press Club's 31st Annual Book Fair and Authors' Night
5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
529 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC, 20045

We'll post more book tour dates and locations when they become available.

For media inquiries contact: Joel Schwartzberg at 212-560-2858 or email him

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