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Judith Scott processes data recorded from the Odyssey acoustic array.
Photo: Chris Johnson.

October 30, 2001
Welcoming New Crew
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Log Transcript

Genevieve Johnson

This is Genevieve Johnson speaking to you from the Odyssey in Darwin. The importance of a strong crew cannot be underestimated. A cohesive and professional team is essential to a successful expedition. We've recently welcomed four fantastic and experienced crew, some who are new, others returning after some time away. We thought we'd give you the opportunity to hear from each of them about why they have chosen to join the 'Voyage of the Odyssey'.

Rodrigo Olson:

My name is Rodrigo Olsen and I am the Captain of the Research Vessel Odyssey. At the moment we are conducting a series of maintenance jobs, from painting to engine work, which is necessary to do at least once a year. The boat has been going for one and a half years already in the voyage, and many aspects of the boat need serious attention.

Over the past twenty years I have been working on different sailing boats. I have always been interested in conservation. I studied oceanography and have done previous work with whales in different parts of the world. The work onboard Odyssey allows me to combine both of my passions, which involve sailing and researching in an effort to find out more about the life in the sea.

Joe and Rodrigo perform maintenance on the bow of the Odyssey.
Photo: Chris Johnson.

Joe Borland:

My name is Joe Borland, I am the First Mate onboard the R.V. Odyssey. While in port in Darwin, I am coordinating daily and annual maintenance to bring the Odyssey back up to par for the rest of the voyage as we continue down the west coast of Australia.

It's exciting to be back on board the Odyssey. I was on board five years ago in Mexico and in San Diego, things have changed since then and I am excited to be back on board in Australia. There is quite a difference between then and now in what the Odyssey is performing in a daily routine. I can't wait to see all of the programs in action as we make our way down the west coast of Australia and the crew work together.

Judith Scott:

My name is Judith Scott. I am from England and I am the Science Intern onboard the Odyssey. I first became affiliated with Ocean Alliance while working as an educator on Cape Ann Whale Watch out of Gloucester, Massachusetts. I joined the Odyssey in December 2000 until April 2001 and sailed from San Diego to the Galapagos Islands. I have returned to the Odyssey as Science Intern and am involved in the collection of field data, this includes whale behavior, group association and photo identification.

Being back on board the Odyssey as Science Intern, I am very excited to be involved in the science aspects of the voyage and to have the chance to study whales in their natural environment.

Emile Bennington:

Hi, my name is Emile and I am the cook on board the R.V. Odyssey. I usually work as a professional chef in restaurants and large kitchens. Coming on board the Odyssey, the main difference is size constrictions in the galley.

I guess I came aboard the Odyssey because I was looking for something a little bit different and to get out of the rat race of the city. I definitely want to perhaps put something back into a world I feel I have been taking a lot out of for twenty-five years, and not putting a lot back in.

Log by Genevieve Johnson

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