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Adrian Howard Photo

Adrian Howard "Howie"
Science Associate - Mauritius
Home: Geelong, Victoria AUSTRALIA

Even from a young age, Adrian has been fascinated with all creatures great and small. He brought home frogs, snakes, lizards and insects that scared the daylights out of his long suffering mother.

In 1994, he joined the Australian New Zealand Scientific Exploration Society on a study of Southern Right Whales in South Australia. It was this experience that started his passion for these giants of the sea.

Upon his return from the Right Whale study he gained employment with the Zoological Board of Victoria firstly at Victorias Open Range Zoo and then at Melbourne Zoo. During his time at Melbourne Zoo, he has worked with a variety of species including primates, carnivores, ungulates and currently with the Elephants and Seals Department.

Adrian was an observer during part of the Australian leg of the Voyage in March of 2002. This experience inspired Adrian to help form the Victorian Cetacean Stranding Network and to have an active role in marine mammal disentanglement, rescue and rehabilitation in Victoria.

The chance to join the Voyage again for the research leg in Mauritius was an offer to good to refuse.

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