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Genevieve Johnson

Genevieve Johnson
Odyssey Education Director & Marine Coordinator - Galapagos Islands - Ecuador, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Indian Ocean Passage, Seychelles, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Red Sea Passage, Greece, Italy, Spain, Canary Islands, Atlantic Crossing, Bahamas & USA
Home: Melbourne, Australia

Genevieve holds a Bachelor of Education in Environmental and Outdoor Education from Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia and is currently completing a Master's of Education degree at Murdoch University in Perth, focusing on enviromental education. She implemented and taught Environmental and Outdoor Education to secondary school students in Australia and London, England.

Genevieve created the Class from the Sea education program onboard the Odyssey and the Ocean Encounters initiative, bringing the 'live' experience from the Odyssey directly to the classroom. She researches and writes about the daily experiences of the Odyssey, its crew, the ocean and its marine inhabitants. This is broadcast via the daily logs on this website.

The R.V. Odyssey provides Genevieve with a unique platform to teach from, as we are able to educate students from schools in remote locations through the Class from the Sea program. This includes bringing school groups directly to the Odyssey as well as conducting outreach programs within local communities. A diving enthusiast, Genevieve enjoys capturing the marine environment on video, translating the experience into the classroom.

For more information on the R.V. Odyssey Class From the Sea outreach programs listen to the following logs:

  • A school visit from the children of Christmas Island.     
  • A school visit in New Ireland Province.     
  • Local students in PNG learning to make a difference.     
  • A live videoconference from the Odyssey to the Royal Melbourne Zoo.


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