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Judith Scott
Science Intern - Australia, Seychelles, the Canary Islands & Atlantic Crossing
Home: Hastings, England

After graduating from Reading University, England, Judith worked as an Ocean Alliance Educator from August to November 1999 for Cape Ann Whale Watch in Gloucester, MA. Judith then joined the Odyssey in San Diego, CA assisting in the haul out and refit of the vessel for its launch. In March of 2000, Judith sailed on the Odyssey from San Diego to the Galapagos Islands.

Judith returned to Cape Ann Whale Watch in the summers of 2001-2004 as a naturalist which involved educating passengers about whales using 'hands on' teaching methods and materials, collecting data on whale behaviour and group association/social structure while conducting photo identification studies. She then returned to the Odyssey for 5 months as the Science Intern in Australia.

In 2004, Judith spent four months working for the Centre for Whale Research, Western Australia, researching pygmy blue whales off Western Australia. This included photo identification, biopsy sampling and satellite tagging projects. She also worked as a guide on Ningaloo Reef, for manta ray, whale shark and coral viewing trips.

Judith returned to the Odyssey as our Scientific Coordinator in the Seychelles and she is joining us again, for the forth time, in the Mediterranean Sea and on into the Atlantic Ocean part of the voyage.

As an animal and whale enthusiast Judith is excited to be on board as part of the science team, collecting data which may one day help assist policy makers in conservation management.

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