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Ned Claflin

Ned Claflin
Deckhand - Papua New Guinea / Kiribati
Home: Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, USA

Ned first crossed paths with the Odyssey while working in the Galapagos Islands. He has worked in the Nantucket Marine Biology Lab and the Nantucket Research and Education Foundation. In addition, he also spent time in the Galapagos working for the Charles Darwin Research Station on projects researching abundance and genetics of lobster, sea cucumber, and sea urchin populations, the recruitment patterns of shallow reef fish throughout the archipelago and on underwater visual census projects as well as underwater collections. Most recently he worked in the Area of Marine Research and Costal Conservation as an Associate Research and Marine Technician and as a Scuba Instructor. Growing up with boats, sailing and diving also adds to Ned's passion of the marine environment.

Ned is currently enrolled at the College Of the Atlantic working towards a degree in human ecology. In addition, he is a SCUBA, First Aid & Oxygen First Aid Instructor.

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