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Sarah Smith Photo

Sarh Smith
Environmental Educator - Mediterranean Leg
Home: Somerville, MA USA

Sarah joins the Odyssey from Somerville, Massachusetts is a native of Little Compton, Rhode Island. She has recently completed her first year of graduate school at Tufts University in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, where she is studying marine environmental policy. In addition to working at the Ocean Alliance headquarters as an Administrative Manager, Sarah has also worked as a whale watch naturalist with Cape Ann Whale Watch, an affiliate of Ocean Alliance, and has worked at the Ocean Alliance lab at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution with Dr. Celine Godard.

As a member of the Odyssey crew, she will be assisting the education and multimedia team, while studying bycatch of whales and dolphins in fishing gear in the Mediterranean for her master's thesis. Sarah holds a B.A. in French from Hamilton College in Clinton, NY. She is currently on break from touring with her band Moonshot, in which she plays the bass guitar and sings, to spend the summer aboard the Odyssey for the Mediterranean leg.

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