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As ombudsman, Michael Getler serves as an independent internal critic within PBS. He reviews commentary and criticism from viewers and seeks to ensure that PBS upholds its own standards of editorial integrity. Read More >

Have a comment related to the journalistic integrity of PBS content? Send an E-mail to Michael Getler or contact him at 703-739-5290.

The ombudsman does not replace viewers' long-standing ability to contact stations, producers and PBS.
If you have a comment related to PBS website design or user experience, please contact the Audience Services team.


‘Romney Was Right: Big Bird Heads to HBO’

Big Bird to HBO, how the deal is being explained and what some viewers think.

A Brief (Personal) Note About Jimmy Carter

The ombudsman takes a break from PBS and writes about Jimmy Carter.

On Sweating the Small Stuff

When do too few words in a news report alter meaning? Some viewers react.

The Mailbag: ‘Thief’, ‘Liar’, ‘Old White Men’, Lend Us Your Ears

Whose voices should be heard in the battle over analyzing the new nuclear agreement with Iran?

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