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About the Filmmakers


Show of Force

Dedicated to creating feature documentaries and event television series of the highest caliber, Show of Force is known for high-impact, dynamic storytelling that consistently engages, entertains and inspires.  At once timeless and utterly keyed to the moment, our work has garnered immense audiences and significant critical acclaim, and has established our reputation as a proven innovator in film and television production.

Founded in 2006, Show of Force represents a long and fruitful collaboration between veteran television producers, Maro Chermayeff and Jeff Dupre - a team with nearly forty years of producing experience between them. In their first joint effort, the Emmy award-winning PBS series CARRIER (a production of Icon Productions and Carrier Project), Chermayeff, who served as Director, Co-Creator and Executive Producer and Dupre, one of two producers, oversaw eighteen filmmakers on an epic six-month shoot aboard the USS Nimitz, then in full deployment to the Persian Gulf.  In the process, they not only demonstrated their singular ability to shepherd wildly ambitious, large-scale projects through to completion, but also established what has since become a Show of Force signature - immersive, multi-part series that take us into the heart of quintessentially American institutions.

With their forthcoming series CIRCUS, Show of Force has once again combined enviable access, rich character development, and dazzling production value to create a moving and memorable portrait of one of the most authentic and esteemed circuses in the world, the Big Apple Circus.  Set to air on PBS in the fall of 2010, the series takes us an unforgettable journey from the big top to the "back lot," and lays bare the inner-workings of one of our most potent and enduring collective fantasies - to run away to the circus.

Prior to CIRCUS and CARRIER, Chermayeff produced and directed Frontier House, Juilliard on American Masters and Brain Fingerprinting on Innovation, as well as pieces for A&E, HBO, TLC, Discovery and more.  Dupre was a producer of  Broadway: The American Musical and field producer on American Experience's Las Vegas: An Unconventional History.  His directorial debut, Out of the Past, won the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival and aired on PBS in 1998.