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Series Discussion

Now that the CIRCUS series has wrapped up, let us know what you thought of the program. Has it changed your perceptions of the circus world?  Tell us!

Share Your Story: Superstitions

The circus world has many superstitions to help people live with the uncertainties of life under the big top. What personal superstitions do you practice, and have they brought you the good luck you seek? Tell us about it.

Share Your Story: Chasing A Dream

What childhood dream would you cash in the 401k and quit the 9-to-5 in order to pursue? Tell us about it.

Share Your Story: Running Away With the Circus

When the big top pops up in your hometown, are you ever tempted to run away with the circus? Have you actually done it? Tell us about it.

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Big Top Trivia


Why is this horse smiling? He speaks circus! Test your knowledge of big top talk in the Circus Lingo Quiz.

Puppy Pandemonium Game

Puppy Pandemonium Game

The circus is about to begin and the puppies are on the loose! Play the game and help save the show.

Filmmaker Chat

Maro Chermayeff and Jeff Dupre

CIRCUS co-producers Maro Chermayeff and Jeff Dupre responded to viewer questions in an online chat event on Thursday, November 4, 2010. If you missed it, make sure to read the chat transcript to learn more about what they learned as they spent the better part of a year filming the Big Apple Circus.

Circus Across America Map

Circus Across America Google Map

Explore our Google Map to find circus organizations and performers in your community.

Blogger Resources

Want to share CIRCUS on your blog or Web site? The Blogger Resources page has everything you need.