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Big Top Trivia Quizes


Think you know your circus? Select a quiz below and find out if you've got the chops to work the ring or whether you're better off watching from the sidelines, drowning your sorrows in cotton candy. Don't fret if you miss a few questions on your first try. We've got a handy primer, so you can dazzle your friends with your big top trivia knowledge. Ready? Thinking caps on, everybody. Click below to play.

Circus Lingo Quiz

Circus is its own distincitve world, so it's no surprise that the big top inhabitants speak a different language, too. For instance, what do you call a horse who performs in the ring without a human rider? And why are clowns nicknamed "joeys"? Take our quiz and see if you have the linguistic chops to hang with the clowns, acrobats and crew members.

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Circus Superstitions Quiz

From romance in the back lot to napping under the big top, there's a circus superstition attached to most everything in this traveling show. Find out if you know how to sidestep disaster, find love and gather good luck where you least expect it.

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Circus History Quiz

There's more to the circus than jugglers, acrobats and clowns. The big top brings with it a long and storied history. Do you think you have a handle on circus facts? Try our quiz.

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