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The Lure of El Dorado
When Orellana and his men left Imara, they travelled to the village of Aparia on the Amazon River. They took possession of Aparia in the name of Spain and planted the Christian cross. Worried about repercussions from Gonzalo, Orellana resigned his command – and in turn his men elected him Captain in the name of the King.

When they departed from Aparia, Orellana determined that their first priority was to safely reach the end of the Amazon River. On August 8, 1542 – after a long journey in which they passed many villages – Orellana and his force finally sailed into the mouth of the Amazon River. And, 18 months after beginning his expedition, Orellana landed at Cubagua, his final destination.
Reaching the Mouth of the Amazon
Reaching the Mouth of the Amazon