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The Story Ends The Last New World
After nine terrible months of starvation and suffering, Gonzalo Pizarro's expedition arrived back in Quito in June 1542. They had eaten their saddles, shoes, and even cut meat out of their horses' flanks to survive. Out of more than 200 Spanish and 4,000 natives who had begun the expedition, only 80 men returned. Back in Quito, Gonzalo discovered that his brother Francisco had been murdered in 1541 in Peru. Gonzalo also learned that he himself had been removed as Governor of Quito.   [more]
The Conquistadors boldly entered the New World of the Americas 500 years ago during the Spanish Conquest, resulting in both positive and negative effects. Today, we are boldly entering the world of Amazonia. What benefits and problems will Amazonia experience as a result of our contact with what has been called "the last new world?" What do you think about saving the Amazon Rainforest?   [more]