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Aztec Life and Times
The Aztecs prayed to more than 1,600 gods who controlled different aspects of nature and human life. The Aztecs believed that the gods were all-powerful and constantly watched over the world and each person from birth to death. The gods must be pleased to make sure that the sun would rise, crops would grow, and rain would fall. The Aztecs believed that they could call on the gods to help them, but could never take their help for granted.

Every aspect of Aztec life involved religion, even sports and games. Patolli was a favorite game of the Aztecs, and prayers to win it were offered to Macuilxochitl, the God of Gambling.

Life in the Aztec World

The Aztecs believed that their world was perched on a giant crocodile swimming in a sea of water lilies. Tenochtitlan, the capital city, was an island in this large sea.    [more]
Human Sacrifice
Human Sacrifice