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Great Lodges

Adventure Lodges of North America

ADVENTURE LODGES OF NORTH AMERICA is a fascinating two-part, two-hour documentary that takes viewers across this remarkable continent to remote outposts in places of awe-inspiring beauty. From a three-story floating resort in British Columbia to an historic island inn on the Atlantic Ocean to a rustic chalet in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, ADVENTURE LODGES offers an intimate look at remote lodges in some of the world’s last true wildernesses. Simply arriving at these breathtaking sites is a feat in itself, as several lodges are accessible only by sea plane, train, ferry, on horseback, skis, or on foot. Produced by Caber TV in association with Oregon Public Broadcasting, ADVENTURE LODGES explores a visually dynamic range of climates and landscapes, highlighting the history of the lodges and introducing the people and wildlife who live harmoniously in these unique natural destinations.

Program One: Canadian Adventure Lodges

Canadian Adventure Lodges

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With field notes from Producer Chuck Scott

The journey begins on the west coast of British Columbia in the Great Bear Rainforest at the King Pacific Lodge, a floating three-story luxury resort moored on an island where the nearest road ends 150 miles away. The Lodge’s profound isolation yields the opportunity to see one of the rarest animals on the planet: the white-colored Kermode, or “Spirit Bear.” Further east in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains is Sundance Lodge, accessible only on horseback and a site where some of the last real cowboys share stories of early riders who struck off from the known line of Canada’s first transcontinental railway to explore this vast and uncertain territory. Eastern Canada also has its share of isolated adventure destinations, including La Seigneurie du Triton, a late 1800s fishing club that once hosted prestigious guests such as Harry Truman, Theodore Roosevelt and former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Guests tour the area in large Indian canoes called rabaskas, take guided expeditions in search of wild mushrooms and learn the elegant art of fly-casting.

Airs nationally on PBS August 30, 2006 - 8:00 PM (check your local listings).

Program Two: United States Adventure Lodges

United States Adventure Lodges

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With field notes from Producer Chuck Scott

From back-country skiing in Yosemite National Park to pole fishing off a Florida island or dog sledding in northern Minnesota, each of the isolated regions featured in this program offer travelers unique adventure opportunities. After a night at Alaska’s historic Winterlake Lodge, a snowy ridge walk offers stunning views of Mount McKinley, the tallest peak in North America. A getaway to a warmer climate destination leads us to the Camelot Lodge on the banks of the Colorado River near Moab, Utah. Traveling a desert trail on camelback leads to ancient Indian tool sites and a glimpse of thousand-year-old petroglyphs inscribed on a canyon wall. Among other stunning stops is a visit to Tarpon Lodge, located on Pine Island off the southwest Florida coast. The former 1920s fishing camp offers excursions to nearby Cabbage Key for mangrove fishing, nature walks and stellar sunset views from the island’s landmark water tower.

Airs nationally on PBS September 6, 2006 - 8:00 PM (check your local listings).

Funding for ADVENTURE LODGES OF NORTH AMERICA is provided by public television viewers and PBS with the participation of The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit.

Producer/Director: Chuck Scott
Writer: Drake Dresen
Editor: Simon Morgan
Narrator: Jeff Haslam
Executive Producer for Oregon Public Broadcasting: John Grant

About the Lodges

Below is a list of links for additional information about the lodges featured in the series.

King Pacific Lodge
Sundance Lodge
Outpost on Bedwell River
La Seigneurie du Triton
Sentry Mountain Lodge

United States
Winterlake Lodge
Redoubt Bay Lodge
Camelot Lodge
Tioga Pass Resort
Tarpon Lodge
Cabbage Key Inn
Wintergreen Lodge
Clay Hill Lodge

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