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Great Lodges

Great Lodges of the Canadian Rockies

Great Lodges of the Canadian Rockies is a passport to high adventure, mountain history, sumptuous dining and a blazing fire at the end of the day. Travel across the border for an enchanting and exhilarating journey through one of the last great wildernesses on the continent. Building upon the success of Great Lodges of the National Parks, the new two-hour series showcases the stunning terrain, breathtaking views and charming lodges of the Canadian Rockies.

Episode One: On Top of the World

Known as the "castle in the wilderness," the Banff Springs is the elegantly appointed hub of a wheel of lodges and cabins built high in the backcountry, amidst a panorama of canyons, waterfalls and glaciers. Visitors travel by helicopter to remote Mount Assiniboine Lodge, where owner Sepp Renner leads guided walks through breath-taking landscapes. Hikers relax in the lush green valley of the Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse and travel with expert climbers to Abbott Pass Hut, perched precariously on the spine of the continental divide.

Episode Two: The Trail of the Great Bear

Crowned "the jewel of the Canadian Rockies," Lake Louise is home to the lavish Chateau Lake Louise. Along the Trail of the Great Bear, travelers discover Jasper Park Lodge, designed as a garden city, the Prohibition era Prince of Wales Hotel, a living structure that sways and creaks with the wind and the remote paradises of Twin Falls Chalet and Lake O'Hara Lodge.


Producer: Chuck Scott
Writer/Director: Tom Radford
Executive Producers: Deb Proc & Chuck Scott
Executive Producer for Oregon Public Broadcasting: John Grant
Production Executive for National Geographic Channel Canada: Tom Hastings


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About the Lodges

Below is a list of links for additional information about the lodges featured in the series.

Abbot Pass Hut, Banff National Park
Banff Springs Hotel, Banff National Park
Chateau Lake Louise, Banff National Park
Jasper Park Lodge, Jasper National Park
Lake O'Hara Lodge, Yoho National Park
Mount Assiniboine Lodge, Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park
Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House: Phone Number: 403.522.3833
Prince of Wales Hotel, Waterton Lakes National Park
Twin Falls Chalet, Yoho National Park: Phone Number: 403.228.7079