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Great Lodges

Great Lodges of the National Parks

Canyon Lodges

El Tovar | Zion Park | Bryce Canyon | Grand Canyon

Conceived by great minds and set in a humbling landscape, each of these gems tells a story of salvation or resurrection.

El Tovar

El TovarEl Tovar The first of the railroad lodges in the canyon lands, and a distinctive mix of castle, chalet, and Indian motifs.

Zion Park

Zion ParkThe first lodge in the Union Pacific "Loop Tour" concept. Destroyed by fire in 1966, it is rebuilt on the original site.

Bryce Canyon

Bryce CanyonBryce Canyon Construction of expansion projects began almost as soon as the lodge opened. Now it’s a rehabilitated gem.

Grand Canyon

Grand CanyonThe crowning achievement of the "Loop Tour" burned just 4 years after it opened, and then rose again from the ashes. Grand Canyon