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Follow the progression of canyon land Parks and lodges, through a series of expansions, fires and restorations.
1905 El Tovar opens
1908 Grand Canyon National Monument is created
1916 The National Park Service Act creates the Park authority
1918  Zion National Monument is created
1919 Grand Canyon National Park is created; includes former National Monument
Zion National Monument is redesignated as a National Park
1923 Bryce Canyon National Monument is designated
1924 Bryce Canyon National Monument becomes Utah National Park
1925 Zion Park Lodge opens
Bryce Canyon Lodge opens
1928 Utah National Park is redesignated as Bryce Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon Lodge opens, completing the facilities for the Union Pacific's grand "Loop Tour" concept
1932 A second Grand Canyon National Monument is designated
Grand Canyon Lodge burns
1937 Grand Canyon Lodge reopens; reconstructed on the site of 1932 fire
A second Zion National Monument is named (see 1918-19)
1956 The second Zion National Monument (see 1937) is brought into the Zion National Park
1966 Zion Park Lodge burns on January 28; a replacement structure is built in 108 days
1972 Utah Parks Company deeds the "Loop Tour" facilities to the National Park Service
1975 The second Grand Canyon National Monument (see 1932) is absorbed by Grand Canyon National Park
The El Tovar begins a multimillion-dollar rehabilitation program
1988 Bryce Canyon Lodge preservation and restoration work begins
1992 At Zion Park Lodge, a reconstruction effort aims to restore some pre-fire appearance to the new building