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Great Lodges

Great Lodges of the National Parks

Glacier Lodges

Glacier Park Lodge | Lake McDonald | Many Glacier | Sperry Chalet

Explore the first National Park with a European-style network of grand hotels and lesser chalets, linked by a trail system.

Glacier Park Lodge

Glacier Park LodgeLike a forest cathedral, this lodge combines the floor plan of a European basilica with the ambience of the great woods.

Lake McDonald

Lake McDonaldBuilt on a budget, this is one of the best remaining examples of a Swiss-style hotel, but with a unique hunting lodge flavor.

Many Glacier

Many GlacierMany Glacier Set in a dramatic cirque at the foot of three glaciers, this lodge perfectly captures the spirit of Glacier National Park.

Sperry Chalet

Sperry ChaletOriginally part of a chain of remote hostels, these are the only two chalets to survive the onslaught of time and events. Sperry Chalet