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Discover how the creation of national forests and Parks intersects with the development of four distinctive lodges.
1893 Cascade Range Forest Reserve established
1899 Mount Rainier National Park is created on March 2
1902 Crater Lake National Park is created on May 22
1906 The Siskiyou National Forest is established
1908 Northern portion of Cascade Range Forest Reserve renamed Oregon National Forest
1909 Oregon Caves National Monument established July 12
A 480-acre site in the Siskiyou National Forest is set aside as Oregon Caves National Monument
1915 Crater Lake Lodge opens, although still incomplete
1916 The National Park Service is created
1917 Paradise Inn opens on schedule, on July 1
1924 Oregon National Forest is renamed as Mt. Hood National Forest
1931 Construction of Oregon Caves Chateau begins in September; the Great Depression halts activity
1934 The Oregon Caves Chateau opens in May
1937 Pres. Roosevelt dedicates Timberline Lodge via live radio broadcast September 28
1938 Timberline Lodge actually opens to the public in February, 5 months post-dedication
1960s The NPS proposes demolishing Paradise Inn, causing public outcry
1964 Central portion of Oregon Caves Chateau ruined by December flood/mudslide
1965 On May 26, the restored Oregon Chateau is opened
1975 Friends of Timberline formed to organize preservation volunteers, raise funds
1979 The NPS budgets $1.75 million to restore the Paradise Inn
1987 Oregon Caves Chateau listed on the National Register of Historic Places
1990 Crater Lake Lodge closes for $15-million reconstruction
1995 Crater Lake Lodge reopens in November after a 10-year fight to preserve the lodge