Cemetery Alarm Story Settles Lingering Questions

By The History Detectives Team
10 July 2009
Category: Viewer Mailbag

Phyllis Behnke had always been puzzled by her great great uncle's obituary.

It reads as follows:

Wooster Daily Republican 15 Oct 1894 p. 4
Death Came Speedily.

The funeral of Samuel Lautenschlager, who was killed by falling from a chestnut tree, took place Saturday and was very largely attended. The remains were interred in the new cemetery at Apple Creek. As the family had fears that ghouls might attempt to raise the body, they had the undertaker, D.Y. Landis, place an immense torpedo in the grave.

"I am thrilled you did a segment on these grave torpedoes. It has answered many questions I had."

Phyllis Behnke


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