DIY: Moon Museum Update

By The History Detectives Team
14 July 2010
Category: DIY Investigations

Thanks to all our viewers who submitted suggestions and leads to follow up on the Moon Museum story.

We’re tracking down several of these, but at the moment we haven’t found the smoking gun, so please keep sending us any information you may have that could identify John F.

We also want to thank Bill D for his note on Kuppy. We think you may be right. Kuppy was so inspired by our time with us that now he’s on the case, so hopefully he’ll crack the mystery!

Thanks to all of you that suggested we contact Western Union for their telegram records. We did this during our research for the story and were told they didn’t hold on to these records because of the high volume of telegrams sent every day. If anyone knows another way to track down this information please let us know and we’ll follow it up.

Thanks also to those who shared their stories about their own experiences with NASA, the LEM and the Moon Museum.

From Paul Gracey:

“I worked in a lab that made radio components used in the LEM and before that on the Surveyor Lunar robotic lander. My co-workers had penciled their initials and perhaps the classic ‘twiget’ image of a pair of eyes and a nose hanging over an edge made from the symbol for a sine wave accompanied by the phrase “kilroy was here!” inside some of the hermetically sealed cans where no inspector would find them.”

And Miranda:

“My Father David Thomas worked on the “Moon Museum” with Bob Breer in Snedens Landing Palisades NY
The story is; the artists were all given a piece of paper one evening and got quite drunk whilst doing their drawing, Rauchenberg did a vapor trail, Oldenbrurg, did his geometric mouse, and Warhol a “cock and balls”( his initials)…..
“They wanted to put Art up there with all the space junk.”The reason that it was shut up was because at the time so many people wanted to use space to advertise their wares.
They said they glued it to the leg of the Lem.Intrepid.My father also has a copy of the telegram in his files
We have always believed that there is indeed Art on the moon. Which gives one great comfort! Now people will believe us when we relate his story”

But in the end, dgmaley might be right:

“this is a mystery that can only be solved by going back to the moon and looking.”

If you have any more information or suggestions on the identity of John F we’d love to hear from you below. We’ll keep working on the leads and will check back with any information we find.

Thanks again for your participation so far,

The History Detectives team


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