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By The History Detectives Team
23 July 2008
Category: Viewer Mailbag

I am hoping that you could offer a suggestion to a situation that has plagued my 85 year old mother for many years. I don't know the entire story or all of the details, and she remembers them now only sporadically.

She was given a beautiful Kimono and Obi either during or just after WWII. The story she was told is that it came from a temple or a palace that was raided by US solders, and was said to be very valuable. (It is totally hand stitched and looks to be made of gold threads and silk.) She has kept it preserved in acid free paper all these years.

Can you recommend anyone that can look at this beautiful item and perhaps tell her what she has? (We are located in Scottsdale, AZ.) She has thought that she'd possibly would like to have it returned to the country of origin, if it was something they would like to have.

Kind regards,
Sandra Crawford

Dear Sandra,
Thank you for writing. We receive many requests for appraisals of various objects. The History Detectives does not provide appraisal services or recommend specific appraisers. For a list of qualified appraisers visit the Antiques Roadshow web page.

Before consulting an appraiser document the provenance of the object and have a photograph available. Local art museums and historical societies can often recommend qualified appraisers. We wish you the best on your search.


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