Finding Careers in Historical Research

By The History Detectives Team
7 July 2008
Category: Viewer Mailbag

Gwen Wright's response to Nicole on how to become a historian was insightful. Here is a different twist on the question. As a degreed Art Historian, a B.A. received in 2006, with an aptitude for performing provenance research, what advice can be given for those pursuing careers in art historical, provenance, or historical research? What type of opportunities are available outside academic institutions for those whose aptitudes do not run into the field of classroom teaching? Sharing the knowledge learned is always fun, but I am more comfortable in a library or archive than standing in front of a room full of people.

Asked by David Passman

Hi David, The History Detectives have put their diverse talents to work in many fields you can investigate. A short list would include architecture and design, archaeology, auctioneering, appraising, conservation and preservation. Opportunities for research are found at historical societies, preservation organizations, museums, interpretive centers, national parks, state historic preservation offices and libraries of all types. Best of luck with your pursuits, your aptitude for research will be very helpful in pursuing a career outside of the classroom. For more on the History Detectives varied backgrounds and careers, check out the About page.


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