Gold plated Airstream

By The History Detectives Team
28 July 2008
Category: Viewer Mailbag

Mike Logan 
I am just curious as to what happened to the gold plated airstream that Wally Byam took on the historic "Cape Town to Cairo Caravan" of 1959?

To answer Mike's question we contacted Wally Byam's nephew, John Dale Schwamborn

Wally Byam's wife's name was Stella. Family members called her Stel. On the 1956 Wally Caravan to Europe, he and Stel went over the ideal floor model. The ideas were Stella's. (I have Wally's notebook with a sketched floor plan. He called it something like Stella's dream trailer.) The trailer was manufactured in 1957 in the Jackson Center Plant. Wally took the trailer to Africa in 1959. In 1969 I purchased the trailer and kept it for 7 years. A few years ago Airstream repurchased the trailer. They are now refurbishing it. It is at the factory in Ohio.

Here's a photo Dale sent us of himself with the Airstream in 1972:


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