Hey! I knew that guy, but I didn't know THAT!

By The History Detectives Team
13 July 2009
Category: Viewer Mailbag

In our story on the Manhattan Project Patent History Detectives mentioned inventor Harold Greene. That name rang a bell with viewer Melvyn Halbert:

The other inventor, Harold B. Greene, was someone I knew personally. I have lived and worked in Oak Ridge, TN, since 1955. I worked in one of the Calutron buildings until 1963.

In mid-1973 I bought a Model B Steinway grand piano, made about 1885, and had it shipped to Oak Ridge for one of my sons, who was then taking piano lessons. Mr. Greene advertised his services as a piano technician in the local newspaper, so I asked him to tune and regulate our "new" piano.

He continued to service it for us every six months or so. After each service he would play for a few minutes -- he was an excellent pianist. After this, I occasionally saw Mr. Greene around town, and finally saw his obituary when he passed away.

I didn't know of his work at Y-12, and I'm sorry now I never asked him about it.

Melvyn Halbert


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