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By The History Detectives Team
29 March 2010
Category: Viewer Mailbag

A few months ago we profiled five History Detective Careers that we found especially interesting. One of our blog readers recently emailed us a follow-up question:

I would like to know the salary ranges for the careers listed. -Nate Pate

Here are the responses from the five people we profiled:

Art conservator: $58,000 - $100,000; more depending on years of experience, area of specialization and administrative responsibilities. Beginning salaries are quite low, $30,000+. -Margaret Holben Ellis, New York University/ Morgan Library and Museum

Government historian: Historian positions in the federal government range from a GS-5 who starts at $27,026 to a GS-14 who tops out at $108,483, plus locality pay depending on where you work. Many positions open at the GS-11 level, which starts at $49, 544 plus locality pay. -John Fox, FBI

Research Scientist: $35,000 to $200,000 depending on experience. - Michelle Ritorto Cavaliere, MVA Scientific Consultants

Dendrochronologist: $50,000 plus - Carol Griggs, Cornell University

Archaeologist: Like most professional careers it ranges from not enough to plenty enough for a comfortable lifestyle. - Eric Blind, Presidio of San Francisco

If you had your choice of any history-related career (not just those listed above), which would you pursue? And why? Tell us about it.


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