Locating an expert

By The History Detectives Team
10 July 2009
Category: DIY Investigations

Experts are a crucial source of information for a History Detectives investigation, and we regularly consult specialists in a variety of fields. Our experts include academics, researchers, historians and authors from all over America.

In this weeks story, Tukufu called upon film archivists and historians Jon Gartenberg and Jeff Capp to shed some light on the Lubin film studios. They were able to use their expertise and knowledge to reveal a forgotten history of film production in Philadelphia, assisting History Detectives in examining century old photos.

You can find an expert who specialises in most subjects, however obscure, that can help you with your investigation. These people will have spent their careers gathering as much information and expertise as they can.

But how can you go about finding an expert?

If you have already embarked on your investigation and are reading widely in your relevant field, you most likely have come across a few names that appear across publications. These people will most likely be reliable sources of information. The Library of Congress is a good place to search publications.

Where possible try to focus your search on libraries, archives, museums, historical societies and other respected institutions. This will help to filter out unreliable sources or fraudsters.

A simple search online, such as Google, should provide you with a rough idea of who the prominent experts in a particular area are. Don’t be afraid to call relevant institutions for advice on experts, perhaps they know just the person you need?

There are also several internet registries online that list experts at the top of their respective fields, a good example is Experts.com.

Most importantly, do not give up. If at first you are not successful keep trying, you never know what’s around the corner. Even if a lead turns out to be a dead end maybe they know someone who can help?

Once you have contacted your expert make sure you prepare your background research, a good approach is bound to impress any expert.

Do you know any experts we should be aware of? Perhaps you are an expert in a particular field? We would like to know. Let us know in the form below.


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