More USS Olympia glass windows found

By The History Detectives Team
21 August 2008
Category: Viewer Mailbag

Five History Detectives viewers from the Midwest have contacted us to say they have identical or nearly identical glass windows to the one featured in the USS Olympia Glass story that aired August 11, 2008.

Nick Newman writes:

I am from Omaha, where the window was made - my mother found the same (unmounted) window back in 1968, and mounted it in a frame for hanging, but not before my brother managed to have a forbidden party during which the window got cracked. I have this still, although I am now living in the West, and it is the envy of all my antiquing pals. Last Xmas while visiting back home, I visited a friend who had moved out of the city into a farmhouse halfway to Lincoln, and lo and behold, her porch door had the same window still in it. I loved finding out more about the window, having assumed it was the Maine (as did my friend), but I never researched it. I figured it was a catalog purchase for new homebuilders bitten by patriotism. Thanks so much for your story - my window is almost worthless cracked along its bottom, but my friend will be thrilled to know hers is so rare.


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