Proud of New Orleans

By The History Detectives Team
20 August 2009
Category: Viewer Mailbag

I was very interested in the (Creole Poems) story. During the beginning of the show I mentioned to my husband that I thought the manuscript was a school notebook. What a surprise to find out that I was correct.

Many people think that all people from the South hated black people. That offends me so badly.

Growing up in New Orleans my parents taught us to respect all people regardless of race or religion.We were taught to find the good in people. We were taught to consider someone's character not their color. I am so glad that was the way I was raised.

I thought your story showed that some New Orleans were excepting of integration long before the 1960s. Even though the integration lasted a short time,it made people think.

Thank you for this wonderful story. My hometown is full of them.

Lynda G.


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