Rogue Book Update

By Jennifer Silverman, Series Producer
2 August 2012
Category: Viewer Mailbag

During research and production for the Clint Black Rogues Book story, we tried to track down how the book may have gotten into the hands of the dealer who sold the book to Clint's wife, and we hunted in vain for an image of the Leavenworth Police Department from the 1910's.  And then a viewer, Chriss Harper, wrote us this note after we aired:

I was a manager at a local grocery store in Leavenworth, Kansas (about 1989-ish).  A lady came into store and asked for my meat market manager, who was an antique dealer.  I called him up front... they meet... she left... and he called me over to look at it.  He was very excited and ask me if my dad would be interested in "it."  I looked at it and said "HECK YA HE WILL."  I called my dad, he was there in 10 minutes.  Now my dad was 'Sandy Harper", He was just as a big character as any crook on those wanted posters.  He was a well-known gun and cowboy collectables dealer.  My dad looked at the book; within seconds he was giving  my meat manager...I believe he gave him $600.00 for the book, and ran...I mean ran out of the store. Now my dad was a crossbreed of Archie Bunker, Fred G. Stanford, and Jake LaMotta, played by Robert DeNiro in the movie 'Raging Bull"  I asked the meat manager, "who was that lady?"  He told me she said she was the granddaughter of Sherriff Turner.  Sherriff Turner was Sherriff of Leavenworth County from the 1930's to 50's.

So anyway, I go to my dad's house after work, and my dad was sitting at his kitchen table drooling over this "Book of Rogues". Dad and I looked at that book for hours and hours. Now my dad kept that book for a couple of years. He kept a lot of the posters out of it, plus a group photo of the Leavenworth Police Dept:  Police chief J.T.Taylor at the top surrounded by 24 police officers, 3 African-American officers among them and the Mayor of Leavenwort, dated 1910...fantastic photo. Who dad sold it to, I don't know; he knew collectors and dealers from the whole United States...I can tell you this...he wouldn't sell it if he knew he wasn't getting top dollar for it.

Watching Clint Black with it brought a huge smile to my face.

Sadly, I lost that crazy ol' dad of mine to cancer 8 years ago, but I know if he were still alive today...He would be glad Mr. Black owns it.

I have about 15 wanted posters and police picture still.

Mr. Harper kindly sent us the shot picture of the Leavenworth Police Department from 1910, and some of the other notices he and his dad kept from the book. See all the images here.


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