Semper Fi, Soochow

By The History Detectives Team
23 March 2010
Category: Viewer Mailbag

Viewer Marge Orozco shares a personal postscript to our China Marine Jacket story:

My father was one of the China Marines and I was so thrilled to learn more about the Shanghai that he lived in. I thought you might like to have a little more information about Soochow, the little dog that lived with the Marines in Shanghai and the POW camp.

In the picture you showed of Soochow, the Marine with him is my father, Paul J. Wells. When the Marines were freed from the camp, Soochow and my father were returned to the US on an airplane. My father was one of the sickest men left alive in the camp and and so was sent home via air rather than ship. When he returned home he tried to keep Soochow, but the little dog HATED women and would try to attack my mother, grandmother, or aunt whenever he saw them. So it was at this time that my father returned him to the Marines. My father’s dream had been to open a restaurant - one of the POWs even made several drawings of what the restaurant would look like. I have those drawings now and they are truly treasured. The name of the restaurant was going to be “The Spotted Pup” in honor of Soochow.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful program and such great hosts.

-Marge Orozco

Courtesy Marine Corps Legacy Museum


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