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By The History Detectives Team
8 January 2009
Category: Viewer Mailbag

My husband and I went to Sea Island, GA to attend a wedding this past summer. While we knew that my husband's grandfather moved to Brunswick back in 1948, we had no other information about him or Edith, his 2nd wife. 

So we decided to play history detectives. 

After several disappointing visits to the area cemeteries, we were referred to the Health Department where we purchased a death certificate. We were given directions to the memorial garden and found their markers. 
Grandpa was born in 1877 and was 71 when they moved to Brunswick to open the Brunswick Dress Mfg. Co. He passed in 1973, a year before my husband and I married. 

Edith was born in 1916- and there was no passing date on the marker. I looked in the local phone book and there she is-living in the same house she and Meyer bought in 1948! 

We had a wonderful lunch, and now we have a great-grandmother in the family. I am still in shock. Not only is great-grandmother alive, she is celebrating her 92nd birthday on Jan 14th- the same day my son was born. Robert will be 21 and celebrating his big birthday with a 92 year old sweetheart!

How about that for a story!

Maddy Berezov


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