Watching History Detectives Inspires Career Choices

By The History Detectives Team
14 July 2009
Category: Viewer Mailbag

Comments from Morgan Laubach and Susan Johson:

My name is Morgan Laubach and I am an anthropology and history major and the University of Pittsburgh. Watching your show has not only engaged my brain, sparked my curiosity, and, to be honest, made me giddy with the "history-nerd factor", as my family calls it, but it has also shown me the variety of careers available to someone in the history field. 
Thank you!
Morgan Laubach

Thanks to all involved for this wonderful show! Years ago, the first episode I saw had Gwen researching a house in New England - and that was my introduction to the field of architectural history. Since then, I obtained a MS in Historic Preservation and have been working as a consultant. I now have the pleasure of researching and writing about buildings in the Pacific Northwest. Thank you, History Detectives! You solved my career mystery without ever being asked.

Susan Johnson


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