"Great finds still exist in this world. One can always hope that a find will prove to be something great."

The first time Elyse Luray was spellbound by a historical subject she was studying architecture in the French Quarter of New Orleans. She became fascinated by one of the grand old houses, and was soon spending all her time researching the home's architecture, former owners, and even the furnishings.

Her intensive studies in art and architecture ultimately brought Elyse to Christie's Auction House. As one of their top appraisers, she was allowed to research the authenticity of some amazing objects, including Judy Garland's ruby slippers.

These days, History Detectives is the happy beneficiary of her impressive research skills.

Fan Q&A: Elyse

Elyse fields viewer questions about her childhood, auctions and teaching history.

Case in Point

Whenever Elyse talks about research, it's easy to see that she hasn't lost any of her youthful enthusiasm for exploring the past.

"Anyone who loves history and research can become a sleuth. To be a successful detective you have to reason, dissect, and conclude.

"You also need to be able to tell if something is worth researching. When you decide to do the research, it's important to know where to look, and who to call to help answer your questions."

"Most importantly, never give up! You are bound to hit brick walls, but there is always an answer somewhere."

Did you know Elyse never leaves home without her appraiser's kit? Find out more little known facts about Elyse, read our interview.