"Telling these lost stories allows people to see how history is related to their everyday life and dreams."

America has a long history of social upheaval and cultural mood swings. These shifts leave clear signs of their passing. The trick is knowing how to read the signs, and interpret their meaning.

Tukufu is an authority on the subject. Under his scrutiny, even subtle signs can yield vital evidence about the events at a mystery's core.

He also provides the team with a context for their work, relating descriptive accounts of living conditions in that particular place, at that particular time.

Being aware of the social issues, pressures, and problems of the day can sometimes help the team determine the triggers of a past event, and the motives of the people involved.

Fan Q&A: Tukufu Zuberi

Tukufu fields your questions.

Case in Point

To demonstrate the benefits of historical context, Tukufu cites the case of the Pop Lloyd Baseball Stadium.

"For me, history is very important, but it's easy to lose the meaning of history if you ignore the ordinary individuals who make up history and the social forces that influence and help shape the context of our past."

"The Pop Lloyd story takes one man's personal biography and places it within the context of American history, the history of baseball, and the history of segregation."

"This man's relationship with the history of America is the real American history."

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