"Every investigation up to now has been in bitter cold and snow, or in the midst of blinding rain. Someone must have a mystery in Key West they'd like to solve..."

A familiar face on the popular PBS series Antiques Roadshow, C. Wesley Cowan is your man when you want to investigate objects from America's past.

His credentials include a Ph.D. in Anthropology, and ownership of an auction company that specializes in historical Americana.

The team looks to Wes for informed opinions on almost any item from our national past, from furniture to folk art, political ephemera, and rare old prints.

And he never, ever stops being curious.

Fan Q&A: Wes Cowan

Wes fields your questions

Case in Point

Among his assignments for History Detectives, Wes is quick to recall a moment during his research into old bullets said to be linked with Bonnie and Clyde's death.

"Holding the coroner's inquest papers in my hands in the Bienville Parish Courthouse was an experience I will never forget. Reading the original notes taken by the coroner as he counted their wounds, imagining the mob scene in Arcadia on the afternoon of the 23rd, was simply remarkable."

"I found myself asking, 'How many other folks have had this same chance?' On each investigation we've done, I have been overwhelmed by the same sense of privilege."

What does Wes never leave home without? Find out some little known facts about Wes, read our interview.