Alcoholics Anonymous Letter

The Case:

A man from Laurel, Maryland owns a mysterious letter that was written in 1942. It’s a tribute addressed to his grandmother on the occasion of his grandfather, Herbert Wallace’s death, acknowledging Wallace’s support for the organization Alcoholics Anonymous.

The letter makes it sound as if Herbert Wallace was deeply involved in A.A. Yet our amateur History Detective wants to know how his supposedly sober attorney grandfather was being so lavishly praised by the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous: “We of the A.A. Group have never had a better friend, nor a stauncher one, than Herb when the going was hard,” the note states.

History Detectives searches New York’s Westchester County, Brooklyn and Manhattan for personal insight into a movement that has changed the lives of millions worldwide and helped shape society’s attitudes about alcoholism.

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Season 4, Episode 7

Gwen Wright Location:
Laurel, Maryland

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